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I have always considered myself as an observer more than a photographer.  I rarely set out on a photographic journey with a specific subject matter or goal in mind.  My creative process usually involves observing the environment and looking for compelling shapes, lines, and gradients of light and color.  Early influence came from the straight photography school of the famous Group f/64.  My work is largely reflective of the focal sharpness and extreme depth of field that characterized the works of Group f/64.  These pioneering photographers have and continue to serve as sources of inspiration. 
As my creative process has evolved, whether using black and white or color, the use of high contrast processing has become a common theme.  This practice enhances the natural lines, shapes and colors yielding a new perspective.  Although I have transitioned from film to digital media, I utilize digital technology in the same manner as film-based technology.  Camera variables include only lens focal length, aperture and shutter speed.  Processing variables are typically limited to cropping and altering the brightness and contrast.  Rarely do I perform extensive photo manipulation such as adding to, removing from, or significantly altering the subject matter.
My philosophical approach is best described by Cartier-Bresson who said, “You just have to live, and life will give you pictures.”  I strive transform the prosaic into a new, captivating visual image.  Seeking new perspectives from every day scenes is what drives my creativity.